Best 10 New Link Building Trends for 2023

People who are new to digital marketing and brand owners in Australia already know how important it is to build quality links for search engine results. If you think that 2018 wasn’t a good year for your backlink efforts, it’s time to look at your methods again and figure out what went wrong and what you could have done better. Link Building Trends The article quickly goes over some of the linking habits you should avoid in 2019 and some that you should start using to help you with your work. Look at them and think about how you can make a change or use the trends to your advantage.

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Things that could go your way

Top SEO firms stress how important it is to have a lot of good backlinks if you want to move up in the search engine rankings. Link Building Trends You might have to go a little further with this. These are the things that most companies and organizations are doing to make things better this year.

Blogs written by guests

Link Building Trends

Writing guest blogs for other websites can help you reach a bigger audience and give you a free way to promote your own site. Link Building Trends And yes, it is one of the good backlinking projects. Be careful not to choose any old page for this. It needs to be reliable because you won’t get much out of it if it’s not at the top of the ranks. The time you spend writing will also be wasted.

Review and testimonials

You can try this one-of-a-kind way of backlinking, though it might not be very common. Before you leave your website link, you should ask the company whose product you used if you can post a good review or testimonial there instead. Link Building Trends This can be useful to Google, especially if the company that makes the goods ranks highly in search results. Make sure you don’t use this method too much, or you might come across as annoying. Link Building Trends

You can let a writer or website owner know about any broken links on the pages you’re interested in and ask them to add your content to those places. Link Building Trends They might not mind helping you since you brought it to their attention that it could hurt their image. You might need to use the Check My Links app on your Google browser to find them.

Top-ranking pages that are relevant

Check out the first 10 pages of the search engine to see who has connections to them. There are tools like Moz and others that can help you with this! The tool needs all of the URLs to be added. Make the most of this chance to build your links with your work. Link Building Trends

Visuals and data

That being said, Google likes long-form content, but not all users want to read long articles. A lot of them would probably quickly read it and move on to the next one. You can get their attention by making diagrams. Link Building Trends These pieces of information are worth sharing because they are useful. These, on the other hand, need to be correct and related to your business.

Link Building Trends

It might be one of the simplest ways to link back. You can get people to visit your website from your social sites by putting links to it there. But before you add your links, make sure they work and take people back to the website for your product or service. Link Building Trends The chance could be lost if the URLs have spelling mistakes or other problems. Link Building Trends

Name of the influencer

Another cool way to get backlinks that might work for you is to use influencer marketing. They don’t have to be directly involved in your work. Just write their names in the text. It can help people feel better about themselves. Link Building Trends Quickly gain their trust with this plan, which will also help you gain strength.

When you write about influential people on your blog, you also make it more likely that they will notice you. If you’re a cosmetics brand, for example, and you tag a local beauty influencer in a post, that person may quickly notice you. And that person might share it on their own site, which will make your backlinking efforts easy and effective. Link Building Trends

Along with other things, link roundups can also make a big difference in your backlinking tactics. In this way, your content link ends up in a specific article written by an expert that is a very important resource. It’s up to you whether you use this method once a day, once a week, or once a month. That being said, you have to keep looking for these choices. Link Building Trends An easy way to make sure this happens is to email the relevant writers about your new piece of content and suggest that they use it in their next post.

Things not to do

There are things that can help with backlinking and things that can hurt it. So, it’s important to know both sides. Here are some things you should not do or try to avoid if you want to get more links back.

Link Building Trends

Some website owners and SEO companies buy links from other sites to move up in the search engine ranks faster. This is something Google doesn’t know. You should still stay away from this, though, because the same company can sell its links to other people as well. Some links won’t bother Google, but if there are too many that look sketchy, you could get in trouble with Google.

Putting the same information

This is the right way to link back: write new content and then share or post it on different sites. On the other hand, some businesses use the same content all over, which can lead to spamming or copying. Don’t forget that Google can punish you for this.

Going only to the home page

Another important thing is that you shouldn’t link to your home page from anywhere. Instead, link to different parts of your site so that you don’t look like a scammer. It doesn’t bother you if other people use a link to your home page in their writing.

As you can see, some things can be good for your site’s image and some things can be bad. If you don’t want to make mistakes, hiring a skilled SEO company like Joel House SEO Sydney can help you with this.

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