How to Use Advanced Search Operators to Find the Best Link Building Opportunities?

Google is the world’s biggest search tool. Since the day it was born, it’s likely been the best search engine out there. Best Link Building It has changed a lot over the last few years, though, because it wants to make sure that unethical SEO tactics never hurt the quality of the results it gives its users. This has made a lot of people in the SEO business nervous.

But if you found this infographic and story by chance, you would likely have something better to look forward to now instead of always fighting with Google’s web spam team. Best Link Building

That being said, let us show you how to use advanced search operators to find great white-hat link building chances.

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Best Link Building

Guest Posts

The following search operators make it easy to find sites that accept guest posts in your area.

  • Keyword/YourCompetitorName “guest blog”
  • Keyword/YourCompetitorName “write for us”
  • Keyword/YourCompetitorName “submit a guest post”

Most likely, these three search operators will help you find most of the chances. However, the other ones may also be useful.

Resource Pages

You can get links from information pages in a lot of big niches, especially ones that are more technical. Best Link Building Most of these sites have been around for a long time and are trusted, so even a few of these links could help your SEO a lot.

The following search tools can help you find these sites.

  • Keyword “top 10 resources/top resources”
  • Keyword “favorite resources”
  • Keyword “round up”

The illustration shows a lot of other things as well. As an important side point, we should tell you that if you want to use this strategy to get links, you will need excellent content.

Best Link Building

List Sites

A lot of list sites have links to a lot of different sites in a lot of different niches. Best Link Building That being said, these aren’t the best choices for SEO, but they’re good for variety and the odd bit of SEO juice.

It’s easy to find these sites by doing the searches below.

  • Keyword “add a site“/“suggest site“/“recommend site“/“submit site”
  • Keyword “add a URL”/”submit a URL”/”recommend URL”
  • Keyword directory add/submit/suggest/post

Indeed, there are many more that you can use to visit as many places as possible. Also, the infographic’s other advanced SEO techniques might be worth your time, especially if you want to build links to a big site that needs a lot of different kinds of links. Best Link Building

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