Best servicios de marketing digital (2023)


Is 2023 a big year for email marketing for your business? Want to find the best tools for email marketing?

The success of your marketing strategy can depend on how well you choose the email marketing service you use.

Today, we’re going to look at and rate the 7 best email marketing services for small businesses.

servicios de marketing digital


servicios de marketing digital
servicios de marketing digital


Why is it Important to Pick the Best Email Marketing Service?

One of the best ways for small businesses to save money on marketing is to use email marketing. Statistics on marketing show that email marketing gives companies in the US an average return on investment (ROI) of 4,400%. servicios de marketing digital

This is because email marketing is simple to set up, gives you full control, and lets you talk to your customers directly.

Still not sure about email marketing? These six points show why it’s so important to make an email list these days.

To be successful with email marketing, you need to know that the software you choose is very important. This is because the software is what makes sure that your emails get delivered. servicios de marketing digital

You will lose even more money if you aren’t careful because you will pay a lot more for fewer marketing tools and bad email delivery rates.


What Should You Look for in a Good Email Marketing Tool?

With an easy-to-use interface (hopefully a drag-and-drop editor), a good email marketing service should let you make very interesting email newsletters. servicios de marketing digital

You shouldn’t have to do a lot of work to send a lot of personalised texts to the right people. That word is also used for this: marketing automation.

Anyhow, your email marketing service should make it simple to keep track of your contacts, divide users into groups, and see how well your efforts are doing.

The most important thing is that a good email service provider keeps your ads out of the spam folder.

So, let’s compare some of the most well-known email marketing services.

1. Constant Contact

servicios de marketing digital
servicios de marketing digital


This email marketing service is one of the biggest and fastest growing in the world. It is also the email marketing tool that is easiest for beginners to use.

It’s simple to keep track of your contacts, email lists, marketing plans, email templates, and more.

You can send as many emails as you want with each account. It’s also easy to track and report on your emails, and there are built-in tools for sharing on social media, a free image library, list segmentation, Facebook ads integration, and a powerful eCommerce integration for Shopify stores. servicios de marketing digital

Their Email Plus accounts also come with strong features like email automation, drip campaigns, surveys and polls, coupons, online donations, and A/B testing for subject lines. These features help you send targeted emails to get the most opens.

Constant Contact has the best customer service. They offer live chat, phone calls, emails, community support, and a huge library of useful resources. servicios de marketing digital

In addition to online training, they hold live workshops all over the United States. To quickly learn how to use email marketing to grow their business like a pro, this lets small business owners start. servicios de marketing digital

Because of these things, we think Constant Contact is the best email marketing service for new and small companies.

You can try Constant Contact for free for 60 days without giving a credit card number. After that, they charge as little as $9.99 a month.

People who use WPBeginner can get an extra 20% off with our Constant Contact coupon code.

2. Brevo (Formerly Sendinblue)

servicios de marketing digital
servicios de marketing digital


Brevo, which used to be called Sendinblue, is full software for businesses that lets them send SMS and emails. One of the email marketing services in Europe that is growing the fastest is this one.

The site is very simple to use and has great tools for making emails that look great and get people interested. Their easy-to-use drag-and-drop email tool is great for people who are new to email marketing.

Brevo has marketing automation tools that are easy to use and let you send transactional emails, set up processes for automatic follow-up emails, and divide users into groups. It can also use AI systems to figure out the best time to send a lot of emails at once to make sure they get delivered.

Brevo gives away a free email marketing plan with endless contacts. You can send up to 300 emails a day with their free plan, but they will bear their name on all of them. servicios de marketing digital

For Lite, their paid rates start at $25 a month. You can also add SMS to your account, but the cost will depend on how many messages you send.

Recently, they made changes to their paid plan that add more advanced features, such as a landing page builder, live chat, a sales CRM, and the ability to connect Facebook ads. Users now get more for the same price.

You can also use Brevo’s separate SMTP bulk email marketing service to send transactional or automatic emails from your WordPress site. If you have a big website and want real-time content-based emails, this is a nice feature to have. You don’t need it for email marketing efforts, though.

3. HubSpot

servicios de marketing digital
servicios de marketing digital


You may have heard of HubSpot if you use it for email marketing or customer relationship management (CRM).

Their email marketing service is free to use and has many advanced automatic tools that are meant to help your business grow.

Their drag-and-drop email builder and library of templates let you make a newsletter that is totally unique and fits the style and colours of your brand.

Through the built-in connection with the HubSpot CRM, you can tailor your emails to each subscriber based on their device type, country, membership in a list, or any other information you may have about them. servicios de marketing digital

Your enterprise-level email marketing software should have all the powerful features you’d expect, like A/B testing, detailed performance data, marketing automation, drip campaigns, and more. HubSpot has all of these and more.

One big reason small, medium, and large businesses choose HubSpot is that it has a marketing platform that has everything: email marketing, CRM, automation processes, sales tools, a website builder, an operation hub, and more. servicios de marketing digital

A free plan for HubSpot Email Marketing comes with the CRM and all of HubSpot’s other free tools for marketing, sales, customer service, and running the business.

You can send up to 2,000 emails and keep an endless number of subscribers with the free version. You can make your own landing pages, handle and track your ads, make custom signup and popup forms, and more. It comes with everything you need to begin.

Their paid plans start at $45/month if you need more in-depth features.

4. Omnisend

servicios de marketing digital
servicios de marketing digital


Omnisend is a strong SMS and email marketing service for eCommerce companies that want to automate their marketing across all channels.

Their free email marketing plan is one of the best because it comes with all the useful tools, like automation workflows that are already set up, user segmentation, A/B testing, performance reports, and even SMS and web push notifications.

Omnisend is sure of their worth, so they include almost everything in their free plan, while most other free email marketing plans don’t. You will need to switch to one of their paid plans as your contact list grows. servicios de marketing digital

All of the top website builders and eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and more, work with Omnisend without any problems. They also work with a huge number of other business tools, such as live chat software, help desk services, and many more.

Omnisend’s pre-built eCommerce marketing automation processes are the best thing about it in our opinion. They are meant to help you make more money. This includes emails like the welcome email series, emails sent when a shopping cart is left empty, emails that cross-sell, and more.

Their email builder is very simple to use and comes with a lot of email themes that you can change, so you can make campaigns that look great and are in line with your brand. Once it’s set up, their strong targeting and segmentation tools let you make the email more personal.

Omnisend’s SMS feature lets you send messages in 209 regions around the world, which is something that a lot of users love. You don’t have to pay extra for a different SMS app.

Omnisend’s free email marketing plan lets you get in touch with up to 250 users. Paid plans start at $16 per month.

5. Drip

servicios de marketing digital
servicios de marketing digital


Drip is a powerful tool for email marketing for businesses, bloggers, and digital marketers. Their many tools make it easy to automate marketing, build sales platforms, and make things more unique for each customer. servicios de marketing digital

Their email software works perfectly with all major website builders, like WordPress and WooCommerce. This makes it simple to add opt-in sign-up forms or pop-ups to your website so you can get more leads.

You can tell Drip is different from competitors like Campaign Monitor because it has smarter marketing automation tools, list groups, split testing features, and a visual drag and drop builder for automation processes. You can reach out to specific people on your email list with these tools to make more sales. servicios de marketing digital

Drip offers live chat support, webinars, training in automation, full courses, free guides, and great documentation as ways to get help.

Some of our businesses use Drip because it lets us send a lot of emails at once while also using their smart eCommerce marketing tools to connect and interact with each customer on a personal level.

The eCommerce revenue attribution tool of theirs tells us exactly how much money each email marketing campaign brings in.

Drip is a bit pricey, but we think it’s the best email marketing software for eCommerce sites and business owners who want more advanced tools to get the most out of their marketing.

Drip lets you try it out for free, and their plans start at $49 a month and include all of their benefits.

They just recently added SMS notification to all of their plans, so you can now connect with your people through both email and text message marketing. They really are an all-in-one email marketing tool for store owners because of this.

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