5 interesting facts to start your week: the role of CMOs, improving skills, and the effects of the cost of living on men and women

CMOs CMOs run the risk of becoming “corporate figureheads.” The fear of over two-thirds (69%) of top and executive-level marketers is that CMOs will become “corporate figureheads” and not really be able to make changes. CMOs Most of the people who answered the poll, though (91%), are sure that the CMO in their own company … Read more

The HSBC Facebook ad is more successful than expected because it is “bright, light, and easy to watch.” 2023

HSBC Facebook

The latest version of The Works study found that HSBC’s first-person ad was one of the most effective ads (top 25%). HSBC Facebook Financial data is typically tricky and hard to understand. Then it makes no sense that a short video ad on Facebook giving financial help would be ranked in the top 25% of … Read more