Ecommerce Trends 2023 | How Color Trends Affect How People Buy Things

A lot of research has shown that colors can change how we feel and act. Color makes our daily lives better, feeds our feelings, makes us happy or sad. The language we speak has meaning and symbols, and the messages it sends are clear.

Color is more than just something you see. Each one means something different. All of them have an effect on our brains, which is why color psychology is such an important part of neuromarketing today. Ecommerce Trends 2023 The shopping index can go up if you know how the customer responds to different color stimuli.

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When it comes to eCommerce, using color psychology is just as important as any other method for getting people to visit and buy. In particular:

  • About 65% of the decision to buy or not to buy something is based on the color it is.
  • 80% of brand recall comes from color.
  • 52% of people don’t go back to the site because of how it looks.
  • 42% of people decide what they think about a website by looking at how it’s designed.
  • For 85% of people, color is the most important thing that makes them buy something.
  • Two thirds of people who want to buy home appliances won’t do so if the model they want doesn’t come in the color they want. Ecommerce Trends 2023
  • 93% of people say that the way something looks is the first thing that makes them decide to buy it.

In general, using color psychology can have an effect on how well your business or product does.

Ecommerce Trends 2023

The Pantone Color Institute sets a world standard of color trends every year so that designers can use the same colors on all kinds of materials for fashion, graphics, and product design. Ecommerce Trends 2023 They also give brands advice by suggesting color palettes that help them build their brand and use color as a strategic tool. When coming up with design ideas, the Pantone Color Institute uses the emotional power of color and psychology.

The colours of the year for 2019 are Illuminating Yellow (Pantone 13-0647) and Ultimate Gray (Pantone 17-5104). Ecommerce Trends 2023 These colors were influenced by the problems of last year, when people pulled away from each other and racial violence was a big issue. These colors are meant to give us hope, energy, and clarity as we deal with the problems and doubts that keep coming up.

Bright yellow light

Providing light Yellow is a happy and energetic color that makes people feel hopeful, happy, and positive. This year, we want to get people excited by using yellow, which makes people feel good and full of energy.

When used on food brands, the color yellow can work really well. With just a bit of yellow, you can make your customers feel happy and hungry. Big names like McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, and Lay’s all use it.

Advertising toys for kids can also use it because it makes them think of vacations, the sun, freedom, and warmth, all of which they love. Ecommerce Trends 2023 But too much yellow can be too much, which can make your eyes hurt, make you anxious, and make you tired.

The Best Gray

Ultimate Gray, on the other hand, makes you feel stable and grounded, while yellow makes you feel energized and excited. It’s a calm confidence that makes people strong, professional, conservative, and polite. Ecommerce Trends 2023

People will trust your brand more if you use the color gray. Gray is used by well-known brands like Apple, Amazon, Swarovski, and Mercedes-Benz to show what their brand is all about. It is basic and classic, and the colors that are mixed with it can change how they look. Ecommerce Trends 2023

You can use Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray on their own, but when you use them together, you’ll get what we need right now: hope and security.

How Should I Use Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow in My Online Store?

Ecommerce Trends 2023

1- In Web Design

To show expertise and energy. is a good example of a website that uses shades of yellow and gray well. It uses gray as a base and background to draw attention to the yellow parts without making them too much. For a more creative and fun look on your website that still looks professional, you can use animations and hover changes. Ecommerce Trends 2023

Check out these websites that use the color of the year 2021 to get more ideas.

     2. In Product Designs

To make eye-catching products and maintain balance. Gray color when combined with yellow is unique and gives out a huge contrast in images making a mystery of some sort. Because the yellow color is bright, grey can soften and balance it without disrupting the general look of the product design.

  3. In Social Media Banners and Posts

To write easy, interesting posts. Not every post on social media needs to be full of pictures and colors. A simple picture or drawing can work a lot of the time. The color gray can take on the personality of the color that is used with it. Ecommerce Trends 2023 Even though it is a neutral color, it can make your social media posts more fun and lively.

 4. Email Marketing Campaigns

To make offers and calls to action that are both fun and serious. When you send emails for business purposes, you should not be too casual. People can feel uncomfortable with you as a marketer if you act too casual too soon. Ecommerce Trends 2023 Adding fun pictures and yellow colors can make it brighter and more inviting for readers. Adding gray can make it more neutral and professional at the same time.

Putting Things Together

To be successful in eCommerce, you need to do more than just make goods and a website to sell them on. Ecommerce Trends 2023 Before you start, you need to have a clear picture of the people you want to buy from you and how you want them to feel when they visit your eCommerce site or shop.

When used properly and for the right reason, colors can do a lot of good. Along with good products and services, having a name that people remember and associate with will bring you more customers and build trust between you and your customers.

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