Complete Guide on Google Search Console | 2023 Updated

The main goal of SEO is to get more people from search engines to a website, either just one page or the whole thing. This is something that Google Search Console can help you with. This tool is free and comes from Google. As one of the free SEO tools, GSC is a web service from Google that can check a lot of different features and data. Until May 20, 2015, this service was known as the Google Webmaster Tool. A new version with some changes was released by Google in January 2018. It’s called Google Search Console and will be very helpful for SEO services.

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A Quick Look at Google Search Console (GSC):

The Google Search Console is where the page is crawled and indexed. Making a link between the website and Google. GSC is used to keep an eye on, improve, and fix issues with your website so that it shows up in Google’s search results. In other words, keeping an eye on the site all the time and getting free traffic to it. Keep up the good work by getting more people to your site.

This Google Search Console will tell us what the error was on the site, which sites have been indexed, and how to get back to the error site. It will also tell us which sites have been indexed and how the page or website is ranking.With a regular Gmail account, we can get to this simple, free tool.

There are two kinds of proof in the Google Search Console.

They are,

  • DNS verification
  • URL prefix verification

DNS Verification

You can check the name in a lot of different ways. It’s also one of the simplest ways to make sure a name is real in Google Search Console. It’s used to make sure that the hosting address, like Godaddy, is the real domain name system.

We just typed in the domain name and clicked “Continue.” It then gave us a code that we could use to set up the system.

You need to copy the code that was made and put it on the hosting domain for DNS configuration, such as GoDaddy.

Then, go to GoDaddy DNS management, click “Add,” choose “Txt” from the drop-down menu, and enter “@” as the host. Finally, put the URL that was made into the text field, and click “Save” to finish the process.

We can now check the domain in Google Search Console, and it was checked out properly. If it has a mistake, you should wait a few minutes because GoDaddy might not have updated yet. It can be properly checked again after a few minutes.

URL Prefix

Google Search Console

It’s used to make sure that the URL of your website or page is correct.

With Google Search Console, you can keep an eye on how well your website is doing by

  • Click
  • Impression
  • CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Position


A click is just a business metric that tells you how many times a person can click on your site.


In SERP, an impression is just a digital view or interaction with the content. It shows how many times the page has been seen.


CTR stands for “Click Through Rate.” The Click Through Rate is found by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.


The keyword can be used to find the average spot. That is, it tells you where the term stands in the rankings.

The most important parts of Google Search Console

Google Search Console is made up of three main parts. It’s them

  • Performance
  • Coverage
  • Enhancements


The search results can be shown in the part on performance.

We can find out things like how well our site does in Google’s search results here. With these, we can see how many times the website can be ranked by its SERP rankings. We can find out about the rich results that come with certain features.

We can understand data analytics through this achievement. That lets us set the limit, get the analytics, and look at them to find ways to make things work better.

There is one more thing: we can compare the analytics data and get the report. The study says that we can look into it.

We can see which keywords are ranking and how many hits and impressions we got. We can save all of these findings as Google Sheets or Excel Sheets.

A Query is just a word or phrase. By putting this term in your site or blog. You can use it to get in a good spot.

The countries used to know where the keyword did better.

You can use the gadgets option to find out which device, like a laptop, desktop, phone, etc., can be used the most.

URL Inspection

  • It is used to inspect whether the site is indexed or not.
  • This tool can be used to update from old webpage to new webpage
  • It can be used to launch the new section on your website also.
  • This tool can be used to introduce a new mobile design.
  • It is used to update the robots.txt file.
  • It will be used to transfer from unsecured to the secured protocol via HTTP to HTTPS.


Index could be the subject of it. The Google Search Console Coverage report shows URLs and tells you which sites have been indexed. It can also figure out which URL is broken while it tries to crawl and index them.


It’s used to make a list of all the URLs that can be used on a website. It helps computer crawlers find all of a site’s pages.


Removals are used to quickly take down an indexed page. When you want to get rid of the URL, you have two choices. It’s them

  • Remove this URL only
  • Remove with this prefix

You can only get rid of this URL. But if you take away the prefix, the URL’s divisions will go away too. In general, we can only pick and remove this URL. It will go to 404 after you remove this URL. It’s only good for 6 months.

Robots.txt is not used to get rid of files for good. You should give noindex if you want to get rid of the URL for good.

New things that Google Search Console can do

Google gave us Search Console, which is a great tool that we can use for free.

Now, this search interface has some extra features as well.

  • Page Experience
  • Google Speed Insights

Page Experience

  • This is the brand-new tool that Google Search Console can now use.
  • The Page Experience report’s job is to rate how easy it is for people to use the site.
  • Every page on a website can be judged by the Page Experience ratings.
  • You can use it to figure out how to rank a URL in mobile SERP results.
  • To put it simply, Page Experience checks each URL on the site. And it works for mobile browsers right now.
  • It helps to make a better page with a good user experience when a report is made.

Page Experience is evaluated using,

  • Core web vitals
  • Mobile usability
  • Security Issues
  • HTTPS Usage
  • Ad Experience

Core Web Vitals

  • In the real world, it can be used to tell how the pages should work.
  • It checks the speed and stability of each URL’s page loading speed when people visit it.
  • It will tell you how each page is rated. So, a page can only get to the Page Experience Status if it has a good core web vitals grade.
  • The info from the core web vitals report will be added to the Page Experience report in a few days.
  • So URL’s rating of the CoreWeb Vitals report is higher than its rating of the URL Page Experience report.
  • If a URL doesn’t have a Core web vitals report, it won’t show up in the Page Experience Report.

Mobile Usability

  • It can check to see if the sites and pages work well on phones. If it’s not, we need to make it work better on phones.
  • A URL that doesn’t have any data on mobile usage is thought to be a good review.
  • A URL can’t have any problems with how it works. Then it will be good enough for the Page Experience Report.

Security Issues

  • When a site is flagged as having security problems, all of its URLs will be disqualified. It will change how Google Search ranks pages.
  • It will show up as a banner on the page when there are security problems with a URL.


  • If a website needs to be hosted over HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secured), Google Search Console will mark it as having a good page experience.
  • It’s not possible for a page experience report to have a URL level on HTTPS info for the website.
  • If the website has too many HTTP URLs, it will show a warning on our website. It will also show that the HTTPS part isn’t working.

Ad Experience

  • Ad Experience checks a website to see if it uses annoying or distracting advertising that gets in the way of a good user experience.
  • It can check out the whole website, not just one page.
  • As soon as one page has a bad experience, the whole page has a bad experience.
  • Now, a lot of sites don’t test for the ad experience, so this site is thought to pass the Ad Experience test.
  • At this time, the page experience report does not know what the Ad Experience Status for the Site is. But we have to review the Ad experience on our own, such as
  • There is a URL prefix on a Google Search Console property that starts with either HTTP or HTTPS. This is the main property option for Google Search Console.
  • If we have a name property, we need to make a Google Search Console property called URL-prefix that is the same thing. When we open the mobile Ad Experience report. It’s not possible to use Domain Property of Google Search Console in the Ad Experience Report.
  • Pick the Property from the list in the Ad Experience Report. If it doesn’t look like it was looked at, set the Ad Experience Status to “good” in the Page Experience Report, as I already said.
  • The ad experience doesn’t change often. That means we don’t have to check very often.

Search Console Insights

In the next few days, Google announced the new Search Console Insights.

Main Uses of Google Search Console

  • It will be helpful to know which page and questions get the most traffic.
  • After the request for re-indexing is taken care of, the indexing problem will be fixed.
  • Keep an eye on the impact over time.
  • Compare how well websites work in different countries
  • It is possible to find out which pages are not indexed and also why they are not indexed.
  • We can find out which devices are most popular and then make changes to our site to make it work with those devices.
  • There may also be problems with how the site works on mobile devices.
  • We were able to find the error discovery
  • Adding your site will also be helpful.
  • Google Search Console lets us see how many internal and external links a website has. We can also see which sites link to us the most. This is one of the extra benefits that makes the site work better.

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