MilesWeb | A Review on Its VPS Hosting 2023 Updated

A shared server is likely where your simple website is stored. You don’t need a lot of resources at first, but as your website gets more visitors and your small business grows into a larger one, it’s time to move from a shared server to a VPS server.

But what is hosting on a VPS server?

Hosting for VPS

A real server that is split into several virtual servers is called a virtual private server. It’s a cheap option for websites that get moderate to heavy traffic. It gives you your own CPU, memory, and disk space.

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Many hosting companies, such as MilesWeb, Hostinger, HostGator, and Bluehost, offer cheap VPS hosting India. However, MilesWeb is the best of them all. MilesWeb is the best because it is reliable, has a high response rate, is cheap, and has fast speed.

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MilesWeb has been offering different web hosting services since 2012. Over the years, they have been able to keep their prices low while also improving the quality of their services.

They offer managed and self-managed VPS hosting for Linux and Windows, as well as shared hosting for Linux and Windows, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting for Linux and Windows, a cloud server, a dedicated server, domain registration, and free name transfer.

They give your site the fastest speed with Tire-3 and Tire-4 data centers all over the world.


MilesWeb VPS Hosting

There are two main types of MilesWeb VPS hosting plans: Linux VPS hosting and Windows VPS hosting. For Linux and Windows VPS hosting, you can pick between Managed and Unmanaged VPS hosting based on your needs.

Linux VPS Hosting-

All of MilesWeb’s Linux systems come with and can support

  • Full Root SSH Access
  • IPv4
  • PHP / Perl / Python/ Django
  • SSD Storage
  • rDNS / PTR Records
  • FFMpeg / Ruby on Rails
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Crontab Access
  • JSP / Tomcat / Java / Node.js
  • Host Unlimited Sub-Domains
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • MySQL / MongoDB / MariaDB
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Ruby Version Manager (RVM)
  • Apache / Nginx / LiteSpeed
  • Subversion Repository (SVN)
  • XCache / Varnish
  • Access to Raw Log Files

Managed Linux VPS hosting is divided into six plans, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 and V6.

Self-managed Linux VPS hosting is divided into six plans, SMV1, SMV2, SMV3, SMV4, SMV5 and SMV6.


Windows VPS Hosting

All of MilesWeb’s Windows computers come with and can support

  • Unlimited SQL Databases
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Premium Network
  • Managed Windows VPS
  • Run ASP/.NET Website
  • Enhanced Security
  • Run MetaTrader 4/5
  • Free Website Migration
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Supports all MVC Frameworks
  • Upgrade at Anytime
  • Host Unlimited Domains
  • Private Name Servers
  • Guaranteed Resources

Managed Windows VPS hosting is divided into six plans, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5 and W6.

Self-managed Windows VPS hosting is divided into six plans, SMW1, SMW2, SMW3, SMW4, SMW5 and SMW6.

Features of MilesWeb Hosting


That MilesWeb’s VPS hosting is the best choice for your website is because of the following:

Freedom to Move

What if you decide to switch from your current service provider to MilesWeb because you are unhappy with their services? You won’t have to worry about moving your website. There is no extra charge for MilesWeb’s service team to move all of your data from your old server to MilesWeb.

Get a free SSL certificate

MilesWeb gives you a free SSL certificate with all of their plans. People will believe you more if you have an SSL certificate, and your encrypted data will be more reliable. Besides that, it helps your search results.

More Guaranteed Uptime

MilesWeb is able to offer a high uptime thanks to their Tire-3 and Tire-4 data centers. Getting a website is the best way to make sure that people can check it whenever they want. Thanks to MilesWeb, your website will always be open for business because it has less downtime.

Hard drives with solid-state

It takes longer for your page to load when you use SSD. The speed of a site is up to 200% faster with SSDs than with regular hard drives. SSD also makes your website last longer.

SSH and Getting to Root

When you buy a MilesWeb Linux VPS hosting plan, you get full root SSH access. You have full power over your VPS with this.

Free management of a VPS

You don’t have to think as much about running your server when you use MilesWeb. MilesWeb will make your server run better for free.

World’s Data Centers

To get better performance, you can pick the data center that is closest to your customers or target audience. Indian, British, American, Canadian, Singaporean, and Australian data centers are all owned by MilesWeb.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365

Anytime you have a problem with your website, MilesWeb is always ready to help you fix it. Their technical support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can get in touch with them by live chat or email to clear up any questions you have.

Offers Low Prices

The VPS plans that MilesWeb offers are very cheap and work well for all types of users. Because all of these features and services are part of every deal, MilesWeb is the cheapest VPS hosting service for your website.

Dedicated resources for 100%

With MilesWeb’s VPS plans, you can be sure that you will be given your own personal virtual server with resources like CPU, memory, and storage.

In conclusion

You should think about all the services you want when you are looking for a good VPS server provider. A service company with SSD storage is the best choice if you want faster speeds. Service providers with customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week are the best for you if you need expert help. Before you find the right service company for you, there are many things like this to think about.

One service provider that you can trust is MilesWeb. They offer cheap plans with fast speeds, technical help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a money-back guarantee, and many other services.

Because of this, MilesWeb is the best choice for you.

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